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Jump Street in movie top spot

A comic spin on 1980s television hit 21 Jump Street nabbed the top slot on North American movie box office charts over the weekend, beating forecasts and knocking two-time winner The Lorax to second place.

Jump Street locked up an estimated $35m (¤26m) in US and Canadian ticket sales, according to studio estimates.

The performance has prompted distributor Sony to order a sequel.

Abductors free

seized tourists

Armed tribesmen freed two Brazilian women and an Egyptian police officer who was with them, hours after abducting them in the Sinai desert.

The head of security in Egypt's south Sinai, Mahmoud Hefnawi, said the two tourists and the police officer were released unharmed,

Six armed men with covered faces had approached the tour bus carrying the Brazilian women and took the two and the police officer off it.

The remaining passengers were allowed to go.

Nine battle for president's job

Voters in the west African state of Guinea-Bissau are choosing between nine presidential candidates in a fresh bid for stability after years of turmoil.

The vote follows the death of President Malam Bacai Sanha, who was only elected in 2009 in an emergency election following the assassination of long-time president Joao Bernardo 'Nino' Vieira.

Mr Sanha spent the better part of his term shuttling between hospitals to treat a mysterious illness and died in January.

NY cops probe 'Occupy' threat

New York City police are investigating what they say is an online threat made against officers by an apparent Occupy Wall Street protester.

Reports said a message by an apparent Occupy protester saying they " make a difference if they don't kill a cop or two" was tweeted at about 11.40pm on Saturday.

Hundreds of protesters had returned to Zuccotti Park near Wall Street to mark the six months that had passed since the movement began.