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Judge's son escapes crime rap after row in model's D18 home

A JUDGE'S son has escaped without a conviction following a row at model Chloe Arnold's 25th birthday party.

Socialite Justin Manville (32) was not convicted after he completed an anger management course and made a substantial donation to a children's charity.

The musician punched a close friend in the face during a row at his model girlfriend Chloe Arnold's 25th birthday party at the Arnold family home in Foxrock, Dublin 18.

The assault by Manville on his friend, Ciaran Moore, took place after the pair got involved in a heated "philosophical discussion".

Judge Ann Ryan struck out the charges against Manville after he completed an alcohol awareness course and an anger management course.

Manville also had €1,000 in court for the Children's Sunshine Hospice Fund, and he has given an undertaking to cover the cost of the victim's medical expenses arising from the assault.

His lawyer told Dun Laoghaire District Court that Manville was a "decent man".

He said the night of the party went "badly wrong", and this could affect him into the future.

Manville, of Brighton Road, Foxrock, previously admitted to assault causing harm to Ciaran Moore.

He also admitted to threatening and abusive behaviour on Westminster Road, Foxrock in the incident on December 13 2008.

The court had heard how Manville's girlfriend, model Chloe Arnold and her family, which includes former The Clinic star Leigh Arnold, were "very disappointed" with Manville's behaviour. Garda Fabian Dunne previously told the court he received a call shortly after 3am about a fight that was taking place between two men in a house on Westminster Road.

When gardai got to Foxrock, Manville had fled the house.

Garda Dunne spoke to Ciaran Dunne who said Manville had punched him in the nose after a heated conversation.

The court heard Garda Dunne went looking for Manville and found him in a heated discussion on Westminster Road with Simon Arnold, his girlfriend's brother.

Garda Dunne said Manville was using threatening words and acting in an aggressive manner so was arrested for a breach of the peace.

Manville is originally from Yorkshire and his father is a retired judge.

He once played cricket for Yorkshire County, and has dated model Chloe Arnold for a number of years.

His third album Velcro And Laces is due for release later this year.