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Judge tells fugitive Lynn to 'shut up'


Michael Lynn. Photo: Courtpix

Michael Lynn. Photo: Courtpix

Michael Lynn. Photo: Courtpix

FUGITIVE solicitor Michael Lynn was told to "shut up" by a judge in his Brazilian court hearing last night after trying to argue back during the proceedings.

Lynn was led in the courtroom of Judge Flávia Tavares Dantas in handcuffs before telling the judge he wanted to remain in Brazil, according to a spokesman for the federal court in Recife, Brazil.

The session was closed to journalists.

Lynn was seen arriving in the courthouse building in a black and yellow reinforced 4x4 with its red lights flashing. According to the spokesman, the hearing took one hour and 40 minutes, during which he was questioned about Ireland's extradition request by the judge.

There was a translator present and Lynn spoke in both English and Portuguese.

At one point he started to argue back to the judge, who curtly told him to be quiet, according to the spokesman.

A special security programme was implemented to keep him from waiting journalists inside the court building in what was the first time he had left the Cotel prison since his arrest seven weeks ago.

He arrived at the hearing in handcuffs but during the testimony he was allowed to remove them.

At the request of Lynn, his defence lawyers declined to comment to the press and the court spokesman declined to give any details of what was said during the hearing.

After the hearing, the testimony will be sent to be considered by Brazil's Supreme Court in Brasilia.

There is said to be no deadline for the final decision on Ireland's extradition request.