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Judge refuses costs order

A HIGH Court judge has refused to grant a "wasted costs" order requiring solicitors for a Nigerian child to pay the State's costs in a legal challenge case.

The Minister for Justice had argued the child's legal challenge to a refusal of refugee status was "hopeless".

The minister and Refugee Applications Commissioner claimed the case was among 282 similar cases which, in light of certain court decisions, must be appealed to the Refugee Appeals Tribunal rather than challenged via judicial review.

It was also argued the solicitors for the now seven-year-old child failed to deal meaningfully with an earlier offer by the State that, if the case was withdrawn, no costs would be sought by the State.

While later withdrawn on the date of hearing, Mr Justice Gerard Hogan said he could not accept the case should not have been brought.

Whitey's lover fights jail term

The long-term girlfriend of mobster James 'Whitey' Bulger was today poised to appeal her eight-year jail sentence.

Greig (61) pleaded guilty in March to conspiracy to harbour a fugitive, ID fraud and conspiracy.

Her lawyer said that Greig was in love with Irish-American Bulger when she fled Boston with him in 1995 and that she did not believe he was capable of the murders he is accused of committing.

Cox Arquette's

name change

Courteney Cox Arquette is seeking to legally drop her husband's name once the former couple's divorce is finalised.

The actress included the request in a response to estranged husband David Arquette's divorce filing. Records show both actors filed their paperwork within a minute of each other on Friday.