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Judge orders girl (17) arrest

A JUDGE has ordered the arrest of a 17-year-old girl accused of stealing a wallet containing €250 from a woman at Trinity College in Dublin during an alleged spate of thefts.

Judge John O'Connor heard at Dublin Children's Court that the teenager had been arrested on April 12 on suspicion of theft. Garda Damien Beakey said the girl made no reply after caution and was charged in the presence of her mother.

However, she did not turn up for the hearing yesterday and Judge O'Connor issued a bench warrant for her arrest.

60 miners die in pit collapse

MORE than 60 miners were killed in Sudan's Darfur region when the gold mine they were working in collapsed.

Police spokesman Ahmed Amr said fighting had broken out in January between two tribes over access to the mine in the Jebel Amir area.

A member of parliament from the area said the mine collapsed on Monday, and word had only reached Khartoum on Thursday.

A witness said that rescue efforts had failed.

Gunmen target top reporter

THE editor of Colombia's top news magazine says gunmen fired five shots at its prize-winning investigations chief, but he was uninjured.

Semana editor Alejandro Santos says Ricardo Calderon was attacked by two gunmen when he stopped at a toll booth in Girardot, Bogota.

Santos says Calderon (42) escaped by diving into a dark roadside ditch. Semana said he is working on a story about cushy conditions for military officers convicted of human rights violations held at a military base near Girardot.

Last rhino dead in Mozambique

A LEADING rhino expert has said that the last rhino in Mozambique has been killed.

The warden in charge of the Great Limpopo Trans-frontier Park – the only place where the rhinos lived in the country – also said elephants could soon become extinct.

Antonio Abacar said up to 30 of the game rangers have been aiding poachers.

He explained: "We caught some of them red-handed while directing poachers to a rhino area."