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Judge jails drunk driver who 'lied through his teeth'


David Fahy told the court that another man was at the wheel

David Fahy told the court that another man was at the wheel

David Fahy told the court that another man was at the wheel

A judge has said he believes a drunken driver was "lying through his teeth" when he claimed he had been arrested in a case of mistaken identity.

Judge David McHugh said he believed David Fahy (36) had perjured himself and lied under oath.

Fahy and another man, Alan Buckley, gave evidence that a garda had spotted Mr Buckley - and not Fahy - behind the wheel of the car.

Judge McHugh asked gardai to investigate the matter and refer it to the DPP, saying it was "a matter of grave concern" that the men had lied to the court.

The judge fined Fahy €100, banned him from driving for three years and sentenced him to five months in prison.

The defendant, of Cappagh Avenue, Finglas, was found guilty of drunken driving.


Gda Mark Reilly told Blanchardstown District Court he was on patrol in Finglas on April 8 last year when he saw Fahy driving a black Toyota Land Cruiser in the car park of the Full Shilling pub.

Gda Reilly said he recognised Fahy as the driver.

The defendant was subsequently breathalysed and he produced a reading of 68mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath.

In his evidence, Fahy said he had attended a funeral and then had been drinking in the pub.

Fahy denied he drove the car, which belonged to Mr Buckley.

He claimed he took the car keys off Mr Buckley, as he had also been drinking and was going to drive home.

In his evidence, Mr Buckley also claimed he had been driving the vehicle.

The court heard Fahy had 173 previous convictions, including 43 for uninsured driving.

He was serving a 60-year driving ban at the time.

Defence lawyer Ciaran Mac- Loughlin said Fahy, a father-of-two, was not working and his partner was pregnant.

Fahy immediately appealed against the sentence.