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Joyriders post shocking videos of garda chases

SHOCKING videos of joyriders in Clondalkin and Ballyfermot in a high-speed chase with gardai and knocking down bystanders have had more than 150,000 hits on YouTube.

Almost 50 videos are included in the collection which feature robbed cars speeding on roads, narrowly avoiding onlookers, performing "doughnuts" and "flashing" and evading gardai.

One video shows a white souped-up Mitsubishi hatchback being driven at high speed before swerving off the road and hitting an innocent bystander.

The gang watching the stunts immediately start shouting "get an ambulance, get an ambulance" but these yells are quickly replaced with "burn that car, burn that car."

The victim can be seen rolling around in agony clutching his head.

The description that accompanied the video, stated that the accident took place in the Bawnogue estate in Clondalkin.

The youths present were shouting in strong Dublin accents.


Another incident shows a joyrider speeding around a corner as he is pursued by six garda vehicles.

The Subaru Integra car skids violently around the corner in a busy housing estate followed by four unmarked garda cars, a squad car and a garda SUV.

While the chase is being filmed, onlookers taunt and jeer at gardai, while praising the joyrider by shouting: "What a legend."

Other videos show numerous cars drag-racing down public roads in broad daylight with large crowds gathered to watch.

Another showed the speedometer indicating the maximum speed -- the images were taken as the man drove at night and he took the picture himself.

The videos are posted on a specific channel which has 27 subscribers.

A number of estates in the Clondalkin area are named specifically on the videos, including Harelawn, Bawnogue and Balgaddy.

A wide variety of vehicles can be seen tearing up the roads in the videos, including BMWs, several Nissan Micras, Volvos, Honda Civics and Volkswagen Golfs.

A lot of videos have been removed from the social networking site, but most remain and videos have been uploaded as recently as last week.

There is one of a BMW spinning uncontrollably in the snow and ice during the recent big freeze.

A garda spokesperson has explained how the videos may assist in inquiries but they are inadmissible in criminal cases.

"The authenticity of items posted on websites cannot be relied upon.


"Evidence beyond a reasonable doubt is the standard of proof required in criminal cases," he said.

He did however urge members of the public with knowledge of crimes of this nature to contact gardai.

"An Garda Siochana investigates all complaints received and encourage members of the public to come forward and assist us with our inquiries," he said.