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Joyce scholar settles action for damages

A JOYCEAN scholar who had sued for alleged breach of copyright in relation to work on the James Joyce notebooks has settled his High Court action for damages.

Danis Rose, who cracked the literary code to Finnegans Wake settled his action against two other Joycean scholars and a Belgian book publishers on the sixth day of the hearing.

When the case was called before Ms Justice Mary Laffoy, Mr Rose's counsel Dr Michael Forde, said the parties had reached agreement and the case had been settled. He said the matter could be struck out. No details of the settlement were given in court.

Danis Rose had sued two other Joyce scholars and a Belgian publisher for the alleged use of his commentary on the notebooks of James Joyce in connection with the celebrated literary work Finnegans Wake.

Mr Rose's analysis of the Joyce notebooks was his life's work, which he started in the 1970s.

The dispute arose from a commentary published in four volumes entitled James Joyce, The Finnegans Wake Notebooks at Buffalo in 2001.

Mr Rose of Strawberry Beds, Dublin had brought proceedings against Belgian book publishers Brepols, literary scholar Vincent Deane of Anna Villa, Ranelagh, and Joyce expert professor Geert Lernout of the University of Antwerp.


Mr Rose claimed he gave copies of the commentary to Mr Deane for the purpose of eventual publication and he was to be one of the publication's editors with full attribution. The claims were denied by the defendants.

In his evidence to the court, Mr Rose said he was "frozen out" by the James Joyce community after his name was not included in the publication concerning notebooks kept by the famous author.

The title page of the works published in 2001 included 14 names and the absence of his name was "devastating", he said.

Mr Rose was not asked to contribute to other books or attend symposia in his field.

"I was absolutely isolated," he said, adding he found it difficult to continue his career as a Joyce scholar.