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Joy as brave Megan is ready to fly home

BRAVE Megan Malone is expected to fly home to Ireland cancer-free after being given less than a 10pc chance of survival last year.

The little girl's parents were told they could take her home to die last October when Irish doctors diagnosed her with a rare and aggressive cancer, but they refused to accept this and took her to New York for specialist care.

Megan (4) responded so well to the treatment that they are now planning to travel back to Ireland with her and their three other children before the end of September.

"A milestone was reached on August 6," Megan's dad John (40) said.

"It was 100 days on that day since her stem cell transplant. She is now medically safe to fly. We are all getting very excited."

The family raised funds of almost €150,000 and secured an anonymous donation for Megan's treatment for SPNET Medulloblastoma, a condition so rare that only two children are diagnosed with it in Ireland every year.

After receiving care at New York's prestigious Presbyterian Hospital, Megan and her family moved to Boston so that she could undergo a course of radiotherapy.

And while she has yet to complete her treatment, Megan's mum Sheila revealed: "There is now no tumour visible in Megan's MRI and CT scans for both her brains and spine. "

The total costs of treating the little girl from Kilnamartyra, near Macroom, Co Cork, had originally been estimated at more than f1m but after negotiations has now been capped at €585,000.