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#JournalismMatters: Conor Feehan on how the media has given a voice to those who need it


In an era when "fake news" has become a catch-all cry for those who often simply don't like what they read, we promise to be a truthful and accurate source of information, to question, to analyse and report the facts without fear or favour.

However, good journalism is under threat, and practical steps must be taken to ensure its future.

As technology continues to change the way we live our daily lives, news organisations have had to find new ways to connect with our readers.

The value of the stories we tell and the need for a trusted source of news remains.

Today marks the start of Journalism Matters Week, a campaign - backed by all the major publishers - that aims to highlight the vital role of a free press in any democracy.

It is also calling on the Government to support a number of measures that will help to ensure its future.

The VAT rate charged on newspapers stands at 9pc. The UK, Norway, Belgium and Denmark have a 0pc VAT rate.

We also need more investment in training and support schemes for young journalists.

As part of the campaign, a video series has been created by NewsBrands Ireland. It featured 15 examples of public interest journalism that have affected real change in society.

Featured here, Herald journalist Conor Feehan highlights how the Herald have given a voice to those affected by the homelessness crisis.

Please take time to watch them. Now, more than ever before, journalism matters.