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Join the world's longest Riverdance line

THE banks of the River Liffey will resound to the sound of thousands of tapping feet for five minutes this summer.

Waist-high kickers, Irish dancers or anyone able to manage a little fancy footwork are all invited to become part of the new Riverdance World Record dancing line.

No professional experience is necessary but a basic competency in Irish dancing and the fitness to last five continuous minutes are required.

Participants will join Jean Butler, star of the first ever Riverdance show, and other cast members along the Liffey quaysides on Sunday, July 21.

"We'd love to hear from dance schools in Ireland and abroad, former Riverdancers, as well as those who might have danced years ago and now want to shake the cobwebs from their feet," Jean explained. "There is no age limit, though those under 16 should be accompanied by an adult on the day."

She says the aim is to recognise the "contribution made by the diaspora to Riverdance over the past 19 years".

It is also an opportunity "to engage with, understand and experience the country, the people and the culture out of which the show was conceived and born".

The Liffey dancers have to beat the 652 dancers who set the current longest Riverdance line in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

The Dublin line is set to snake along Sean O'Casey Bridge, down Sir John Rogerson's Quay, crossing the river again at Beckett Bridge, up along by the Custom House to rejoin again at the Sean O'Casey Bridge.

Anyone who wants to become part of the World Record Breaking dance line has to register for the event online or by contacting recordgathering@riverdance.com