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Johnny and Maia storm the Empire for an A-list night on the red carpet

A host of Hollywood's A-listers were in London last night to attend the Jameson Empire Awards.

Johnny Vegas and Maia Dunphy joined movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emma Thompson, Tom Cruise and Kate Beckinsale at London's Grosvenor House Hotel.

The Jameson Empire Awards are largely regarded as a relaxed affair where the movie stars come to let their hair down at the end of the awards season.

The award winners are voted for by members of the public.


Funnyman Jonathan Ross presented the Action Hero of Our Lifetime award to Arnold Schwarzenegger, after a glowing introduction.

"Thanks for the introduction, Jonathan, that's just the way I wrote it," the former Governer of California replied.

The best actor award, presented by Kate Beckinsale, went to James McAvoy for his performance in black comedy Filth.

"I've been to American awards but never the Empire awards," said Beckinsale. "I was so excited."

Emma Thompson picked up the best actress award for her role in Saving Mr. Banks, which was presented by Stephen Fry.