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Joe's Save the Chimneys battle wins vital backing

A DUBLIN authority has backed calls by RTE presenter Joe Duffy to spare the Poolbeg twin towers from demolition.

Fingal County Council has called on its neighbours in Dublin City Council to include the twin towers in the Record of Protected Structures (RPS).

Fianna Fail's Darragh Butler said the ESB towers were "iconic", saying the 680ft structures have been a landmark in Dublin for decades.

The council will now write to Dublin City Council asking its councillors to consider sparing the candy-striped towers from demolition.

In making the call, Fingal council echoes pleas made by Liveline broadcaster Joe Duffy, who earlier this year said: "The chimneys are part of Dublin. They're not ugly, they're elegant. Like the spike. The twin towers are as iconic as the Bull Wall or the nearby wooden bridge for Dubliners.


"It's good when waking up after a hard night not knowing where you are and see the chimneys and say 'I'm in Dublin!'

"They should definitely be preserved. They're part of our DNA," he had said.

The ESB has not sought to have the chimneys listed as protected structures. While the chimneys' future has not been formally decided, it is expected the ESB will seek to demolish them.

Cllr Butler told a meeting of Fingal council: "The towers are a Dublin landmark, there since the early 1970s. A building does not have to be Georgian or Victorian to be significant, and these towers are part of our heritage".

Labour's Gerry McGuire agreed, saying the ESB towers are "a very important landmark in Dublin".

It is understood the prohibitive cost of maintaining the structures means they will more than likely be knocked down.