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Joe salutes city heroes: 'Our firefighters are just brilliant. Dublin's blessed to have them'

BROADCASTER Joe Duffy has pledged his support to the Dublin Fire Brigade and the campaign for them to retain the capital's ambulance service.

The 58-year-old 'Liveline' host vowed his allegiance to the Herald campaign in support of the city's emergency service hard-working members, and said that they are simply "the best in the world".

"I am 100pc behind the Dublin Fire Brigade. I give them my absolute and total support," the Clontarf native said.

The father-of-three was involved in an horrific incident on Pearse Street in 2009 when his leg was crushed by a reversing car.

Joe received treatment from the Dublin Fire Brigade personnel within minutes, and he said that their swift actions "saved my life".

"When I was knocked down on Pearse Street, they were there within four minutes. A fire engine came first, and they knew exactly what to do – my leg was completely destroyed," said Joe.

"I go up to the firefighters who saved my life that day every Christmas Eve and I give them a case of wine.

"They are just brilliant. Dublin is blessed to have them." The RTE star said that he would like to tell the Dublin Fire Brigade members that "there is no one better", and "to keep on working".

Meanwhile, Mary Byrne has described the Dublin Fire Brigade team as the "unsung heroes of our communities", and revealed that several of her cousins were among the ranks of the hard-working emergency services personnel.

The Ballyfermot woman has given her support to our campaign for the Dublin Fire Brigade to retain control of the ambulance services in the capital.

The former X Factor finalist said that she has luckily never had to call upon their assistance, but revealed that a close friend did and that she was very impressed by the care she received

Mary said: "I haven't, thank god, have had any need for them. But my friend has and both the fire brigade and ambulance were with her within minutes."