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Joe brings back 'Fiver Friday' to beat Beast


Joe Duffy

Joe Duffy

Joe Duffy

A child's Dolce & Gabbana outfit or a new carpet for your home could be yours for as little as a fiver this Friday.

Dozens of local businesses across the city have answered Joe Duffy's call to participate in RTE Liveline's 'Fiver Friday' event this weekend.

A spokesperson for the show said the response already for this year's event has been "phenomenal".

"Previously, we had a two month lead-in. This time, it is only 10 days but the response has been fantastic, with interest from all over the country," the spokesperson said.


To meet demand and spread the word, Liveline producers are placing all Fiver Friday offers on their website.

Broadcaster Duffy famously set up Fiver Friday at the height of the recession, with businesses offering spectacular deals to consumers while getting a mention on one of the country's most listened-to programmes.

Duffy decided to resurrect the event again to help small businesses recover from the joint impact of the 'Beast from the East' and Storm Emma in recent weeks, which saw businesses around the country forced to shut up shop for several days and lose out on valuable trade.

The idea came from Arklow shop owner Colm, who called the show last week to tell the radio host how the heavy snowfall had impacted retailers.

Fiver Friday asks people to spend an extra €5 with a local retailer or business this Friday, March 16.