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Jobless may be put out to work

Unemployed people claiming the dole could be made to work in the community for their benefits.

Eamon O Cuiv, Minister for Social Protection, has revealed the new measures could be enforced within months.

He plans to develop two schemes to give more opportunities to people who are out of work and want to maintain their skills and improve job prospects.

It is understood if claimants do not turn up for the hours they are expected to work, their benefits will be stopped.

Flood fears for mums-to-be

More than 100,000 heavily pregnant women face the risk of infection and disease in the aftermath of the flooding in Pakistan, Save the Children has warned.

The aid agency said at least half-a-million expectant mothers have been affected by the floods, with tens of thousands of newborn babies and women in potential danger in the coming months.

It added many expectant mothers would be forced to give birth in temporary shelters or tents, with no access to water and healthcare.

Big turn-offs at interviews

Women who walk into an interview with a tight-fitting white top, black bra underneath, showing their cleavage and wearing too much jewellery are probably dressed to kill their chances of getting a job, new research shows.

Fashion "faux pas" for male jobseekers include a badly ironed shirt with buttons undone, high-waisted trousers, and a comedy tie, a study among employers found.

Axl fumes after gig cut short

Rock singer Axl Rose launched a foul-mouthed tirade against police and promoters as he left the stage at a festival.

The Guns N' Roses singer told the crowd at Leeds Festival the band was informed it would be allowed to play until just before midnight but was pulled off stage at around 11.15pm last night.

He told the throngs of watching fans: "We come here to play for you but the cops and the promoters wanna f*** us in the a**."