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Job candidates reduced to tears

One in seven candidates for a job have been reduced to tears because of a culture of fear and stress around work interviews, according to a new report today.

A survey among 3,400 jobseekers and 240 interviewers found a lack of preparation on both sides, with some managers even forgetting a candidate's name.

The poll, by recruitment firm Monster.co.uk, showed that candidates complained of being asked irrelevant questions by arrogant or poorly prepared managers.

Nelson will not sing in court

A Texas judge says Willie Nelson will not have to sing in court to resolve marijuana possession charges -- and a suggestion that he do so was a joke.

County attorney Kit Bramblett had said country music star Nelson (77) could resolve the charges by pleading guilty, paying a fine -- and singing Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain for the court.

Nelson was arrested on November 26 at a Border Patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca.

China executes three Filipinos

The Philippine vice president says China has executed three Filipinos convicted of drug smuggling despite last-minute appeals for clemency.

Philippine Consul Noel Novicio said earlier that Sally Ordinario-Villanueva (32) and Ramon Credo (42) met their families for the last time before they were scheduled to die by lethal injection in Xiamen. Elizabeth Batain (38) met her relatives before her planned execution in Shenzhen.

They were convicted and sentenced in 2009.

Maggots ate sick mum alive

A man admitted reckless homicide in the death of his sick mother, found dead from a blood infection with rotting bedsores and maggots on her body.

Court records show Brian White (33) of Cincinnati, Ohio, also pleaded guilty to failure to provide for a functionally impaired adult in the death of Jorene White, who had debilitating arthritis and was bedridden.

Prosecutors said the woman was "being eaten alive by maggots".