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Jo Jo, Deirdre suspect free in days

THE RAPIST suspected of killing up to six women in Leinster is to walk free from prison within days.

Psychopath Larry Murphy – the prime suspect in the mysterious cases of Deirdre Jacob, Jo Jo Dullard and Annie McCarrick – will be released on August 12.

He has served just 10 years for the horrific abduction and rape of a woman in 2000.

However, he is thought to have been behind a string of attacks in the years previous to that.

Gardai have long believed that Murphy (45) was behind the disappearance of the women in the Leinster area during the 1990s.

He was questioned by Operation Trace detectives over the cases of missing Jo Jo Dullard, Deirdre Jacob and Annie McCarrick.


Murphy was sentenced to 15 years in jail in 2001 after pleading guilty to the abduction and brutal rape of a Carlow woman.

His only remarks on the brutal, prolonged rape show his monstrous character saying coldly: “She was lucky.” But now Murphy is to be released early for good behaviour.