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Jets fitted to 1,000mph rocket car

The mission to produce the world's first 1,000mph car has taken a big leap forward with the installation of a jet engine.

Bloodhound driver Andy Green (51) is hoping to break the world land-speed record with the £10m (€12.7m) rocket-powered car.

Engineers spent eight hours fitting the EJ200 jet engine to the supersonic car at the Bloodhound technical centre near Bristol.

The engine, which is normally found powering a Eurofighter Typhoon, weighs one tonne and produces nine tonnes of thrust.


The upper chassis is made of strong but light aluminium to which titanium stringers and titanium skin will be fixed using both glue and 1,400 aircraft spec rivets. The lower chassis is made of aluminium and steel and houses the Nammo rocket.

The two power plants produce the equivalent of 180 Formula One cars.

The project is on course for the finished car to roll out for low-speed testing at up to 200mph at Newquay's Aerohub next summer.