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Jet returns to city as nut allergy strikes girl

a young girl received an emergency shot of adrenalin when she fell ill with a nut allergy on board a transatlantic flight from Dublin.

The flight from Dublin Airport to Newark in New York had to make an about turn some 90 minutes into the flight.

The crew on the United Airlines flight UAL-22 contacted controllers at the Irish Aviation Authority's North Atlantic Communications Service centre at Ballygirreen in Clare, when the Boeing 757-200 aircraft was more than 1200km west of Ireland.

Witnesses said a passenger, believed to be a nine-year-old girl from the United States, was travelling with about six family members in business class when she fell ill and went in to suspected anaphylactic shock.


Passenger Mike van Niekerk said there was an emergency announcement on board.

"They asked if there were any doctors or nurses on board and two people came forward to help," he said.

"Her face looked quite puffed up and she was obviously in distress. It appeared to be quite desperate at one point but then it calmed down when she was given an injection."

The crew indicated they required permission for a high speed return and approach.

The girl, who had apparently never shown any allergy symptoms before, was in a stable condition when taken from the aircraft in Dublin and brought to hospital.