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SHE'LL be treading the boards alongside Jason Donovan in garish and glittering drag musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert next week.

And Republic of Telly star Jennifer Maguire says the camp 1970s soundtrack is the prefect preparation for her upcoming wedding day.

"All these 70s songs will be played at my wedding," she told The Herald.

"It's Raining Men, Hot Stuff, Boogie Wonderland and all the other classics. I'm having a super 70s-themed disco wedding."

Jennifer's fiancé Lau Zamparelli better have his trusty flares and gold platforms on standby for the big day next July 1.

But before she starts thinking about wedding bells and guest lists in too much detail, Jennifer (33) is throwing herself into rehearsals.

With just four days to get dance routines, dialogues and musical numbers down, it's going to be an intensive week.


"I get three or four days' rehearsal because the rest of the cast are in the middle of the tour," she said. "Which is scary but it's also very exciting.

"I thought I would be going to Pineapple Dance Studios in London but instead I'm going to Bradford to see the show, meet everyone and rehearse.

"There will be a good bit of dancing. It's one of those musicals where everyone is dancing the whole time."

And Jennifer has been brushing up on her accent for the Oz-based musical. "I also have to do an Australian accent which is terrifying – so I've been watching Strictly Ballroom and Priscilla," she said.

The chatty host will play the part of Jason's wife Marion and bumped in to the Aussie star last week.

"I met him randomly. I just went up to him and said 'hi, I'm going to be your wife for the next two weeks'. And he was like 'What?' But I'm glad we got that out of the way."