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Jedward will walk Eurovision, says Nikki as she quits

A FORMER Eurosong contestant believes there is no point in entering this year's competition because Jedward will walk it.

Nikki Kavanagh was narrowly beaten by the twins last year but TV bosses approached her offering a better song for 2012.

Despite finishing just two points behind Jedward last year she has turned the chance of performing on the live television show because entering would be pointless.

The wedding singer explained: "A mentor from the RTE panel approached me and asked me to do it. He had a song for me and everything and it was a lot stronger than last year's song. I was in turmoil for a while about the decision but I decided to take a step back.

"I'm definitely not going to do it now because the lads are at their peak. I would rather be in the competition where I could be on the same playing field.

"I am very surprised that RTE are even doing the show again. They got into the top 10 last year so people want them to go through again."

Nikki says that "part" of her really wanted to go back and "prove something". "Maybe I'm just chickening out," she admitted.

And it looks like Jedward fans will be happy to hear the news that Nikki (32) has bowed out of the Eurosong line up.

Nikki says that after coming second in the contest last year she received some discouraging messages.

Some came from supporters of other acts including Jedward or didn't want to see her go through. But she said: "I have brought my daughter to so many of their concerts and pantos, I think they are great role models."

And although she definitely won't be trying to get to the Eurovision stage this year Nikki admitted she will be all geared up for entering the competition in 2013.