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Jean sent 'racy' picture to Eamonn's mobile phone

JEAN Treacy sent Eamonn Lillis a "racy" picture of herself during their affair, it was claimed today.

The 32-year-old masseuse and Lillis (52) also exchanged a string of intimate text messages in the weeks before he killed Celine Cawley at their luxury home in Howth.

Gardai investigating the killing of Ms Cawley uncovered four multi media communications between the two, said to include the picture of Ms Treacy.

The text messages were said by a source to be "very intimate" and were sent in the weeks before Celine Cawley's death.

One source quoted in reports today said: "Some of the texts were very intimate. They weren't all of the 'how are you this morning darling?' variety."

Ms Treacy is said to have instructed her solicitor to take immediate legal action against any publication that attempts to print the picture of herself.

The Central Criminal Court heard details of how Eamonn Lillis and his mistress exchanged more than 200 text messages and 90 calls in the fortnight before his wife's death.

The trial heard evidence from a detective garda who examined two mobile phones and three sim cards belonging to Eamonn Lillis and two phones containing sim cards belonging to Jean Treacy.

Jean Treacy told the court that she saw Eamonn Lillis most Mondays with him texting her in the morning first. However, she said she heard nothing from him on the Monday morning that Celine Cawley died.

She told in evidence how she sent him a text at 10am asking him to bring the Mercedes ML jeep but was concerned when she heard nothing from him.

She said that it wasn't until 6.40pm when her then boss phoned her that she heard what happened. She sent Eamonn Lillis a text offering her support.

At that stage, she was convinced there had been a burglary.

However she later sent him a text saying: "I'm not abandoning you. you need to concentrate on (daughter's initial) and what's happening to you."

"To do this I don't think we should have any more contact until things have calmed down (for both our sakes)."

"I know you'll understand. Everyone's looking for a story. This is not an easy decision for me to make . Will be thinking of you every step of the way. x"

She later sent him a text message saying she would see him at the funeral.