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Jazz festival for Viking Triangle

the Viking Triangle in Waterford is set to host its first jazz weekend next month.

The Waterford Jazz Weekender will feature an eclectic mix of swing, bebop, New Orleans, jazz-funk, big band and blues at 10 free gigs between September 5 and 7.

All of the performances will be held in outdoor and pub venues over the weekend. The festival is the brainchild of jazz musician and music lecturer at WIT, Phil Collins, who is hoping for "an amazing weekend of music".

Eight killed in flats collapse

A FLATS complex under renovation in an area southeast of Johannesburg collapsed yesterday, killing eight people.

Two other people were missing in the accident at a housing estate in Alberton. Builders were among the casualties.

Sniffer dogs were brought in to help locate bodies in the rubble, and the government sent inspectors to launch an investigation.

Iceland raises volcanic alert

Iceland has raised its alert level for the risk of a possible volcanic eruption to orange - the second-most severe level.

The warning comes amid a number of earthquakes that have taken place since Saturday in Bardabunga, a sub-glacial stratovolcano under Iceland's largest glacier.

Roads nearby have been closed over fears that an eruption could lead to massive flooding.

In 2010 the ash from a volcanic eruption in Iceland caused major air traffic disruptions that stranded 10 million travellers around the world.

Dad sympathy for kidnap pair

THE father of two Amish girls abducted in northern New York last week says he feels sorry for the two people accused of kidnapping and sexually abusing his daughters.

The parents of the seven and 12-year-old girls spoke to the press at their home in Oswegathcie, two days after Stephen Howells Jr and Nicole Vaisey were charged with kidnapping with the intent to physically or sexually abuse.

The father said it is sad that the two suspects "must have ruined their whole life".