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Jaw broken in street attack

A young Tallaght man has received a two-year suspended sentence for an unprovoked assault on a stranger walking home from a night out.

Colm Quigley (23) was convicted of assaulting Christopher McAuley on Dame Street in the early hours of April 12, 2008 after a one-day trial at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court last month. He had previously pleaded not guilty.

Quigley, of Avonmore Grove, had claimed he punched the man once in self defence after an altercation.

Mr McAuley spent two weeks in hospital and underwent surgery to fix his fractured jaw after the attack.

Suicide father kills his family

A father killed his wife and two of his children, then sent his daughter to school for two weeks, warning her not to tell or she and her brother would die too.

Police in Charlotte, North Carolina, said no one found out the children and their mother were dead until officers came to Kenneth Chapman's door to check on his wife because her uncle had not heard from her for a while.

When police arrived, Chapman went upstairs and sent the 10-year-old girl and her two-year-old half brother outside. He shot at officers before shooting himself.

New exchange on stocks in Oz

AUSTRALIA is to open a second stock exchange and break a monopoly that has existed since 1987.

Minister Chris Bowen said Australia needed to join the US, Canada, and Europe in opening its share market to competition in order to develop into a financial services hub in Asia-Pacific. The new exchange will be run by Chi-X, which is ultimately owned by Japanese broking giant Nomura Holdings.