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Japan tsunami ghost ship found 5,000 MILES FROM HOME

CAKED with rust, its bow bobbing in the swell, a ghostly Japanese trawler drifts forlornly along the Canadian coast.

The unmanned vessel was assumed lost along with virtually everything else in the path of the tsunami that devastated the east coast of Japan last year.

But 12 months later, the creaking vessel has emerged 5,000 miles away in the seas off British Colombia, an eerie reminder of the tragedy which claimed 19,000 lives.

As the first large object of debris to reach the other side of the Pacific, its appearance is likely to herald the arrival of more tsunami wreckage off Canada and California.

Canadian officials have been monitoring the 150ft vessel since it was spotted near the Queen Charlotte islands last week, to determine whether it is causing pollution or any obstruction.

Researchers from the University of Hawaii estimate the tsunami swept four to eight million tonnes of debris into the Pacific.