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Jamie's mother demands to see face of evil killer

The mother of murdered toddler James Bulger said today his killer was "evil inside".

Denise Fergus said she felt "physically sick" after hearing John Venables admit child pornography offences at the Old Bailey in London on Friday.

Venables was jailed for two years after serving seven years of a life sentence for killing two-year-old James with accomplice Robert Thompson in 1993.

He was released on licence in 2001 when he reached 18.

Mrs Fergus, from Liverpool, said she was horrified to learn that Venables had been living in the nearby county of Cheshire since he left custody, under the new identity provided when he was released.


The location was allowed to be reported only after last week's hearing when a court order protecting his identity was amended.

Talking to ITV, she said: "I could have walked past him.

"I could even have stood next to him in a queue. I don't know because I've been told nothing about him.

"This is why it is important for me to know what they look like."

Venables appeared via a videolink at the hearing and, to protect his identity, the screen was only visible to the judge Mr Justice Bean.

He spoke only to confirm his name and to plead guilty to three charges and Mrs Fergus said she felt "physically sick" when she heard his voice.

Hearing him admit to downloading pornography featuring young girls was "gut wrenching", she said.

"It shows you how sick he is. He hasn't been rehabilitated. All that money that was spent on him -- this proves that he hasn't. He's been left to roam and do his own thing."

Mrs Fergus added: "The evil is in him. I wouldn't trust that man with a doll.

"He's just a vile excuse of a human being."

In her first television interview since the hearing, Mrs Fergus said reports that Venables had been to watch Everton play football on Merseyside were "horrifying".

"That's just a stone's throw from my house," she said.

"Why was he allowed to go? I was told I would be informed if he re-entered Merseyside."

She claimed to know that Thompson had also had "hiccups" since his release but had been slapped on the wrist and put back on the right track.

Mrs Fergus said she feared Venables' conviction would "drag it all up for Thompson" and it might be him in court next time.

She demanded a meeting with Justice Secretary Ken Clarke to discuss her concerns and said she would be ready to meet him "as soon as he gives the nod".


Mrs Fergus said seeing a CCTV image of James being led away from Strand shopping centre in Bootle by Venables and Thompson, then aged just 10, was "heartbreaking".

"He's alive at that point," she said. "And that's the last time I see him alive through them images."

Mrs Fergus, who spoke with angry determination, added that she was going to do everything she could to get justice for James.

"One day I will get it," she pledged.

The ITV Granada Reports interview with Denise Fergus will be shown at 6pm today.