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Jamie helps chef Donal with his recipes for success

FIRST he charmed Nigella and now he's in there with Jamie Oliver, Irish chef Donal Skehan is in for his best year yet.

He sent his latest cookbook, Homecooked, to the 'Naked Chef' back in October which resulted in Donal getting a big write-up in Jamie's latest magazine.

The chef said that although he was excited at the prospect, he told the Herald that he hadn't even had a chance to read the magazine yet.

And as for that Nigella tweet at Christmas praising his work, he said: "I nearly dropped my fork when I saw it. To get nice feedback from people I admire is great."


Homecooked is Donal's fourth book and is without a doubt his bestselling one so far. It's even taken the number one spot in the cooking literature lists since its release last November.

Not only has Jamie given him a big nod of approval with his massive readership but he also sent the Dublin chef a personal message on Facebook to congratulate him.

"He said it (the book) was absolutely brilliant and perfect for novices in the kitchen," explained Donal. "I was half nervous sending him the book."

Oliver also asked him to let him know if he ever needed any help.