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Jailed thug's 'hand injury' escape foiled

A criminal's plan to escape from Mountjoy backfired thanks to the quick actions of prison officers.

The 34-year-old inmate will now face disciplinary action after his attempted jailbreak ended in failure.

The hapless career criminal, who is from the capital's south inner city, cannot be named because he is facing serious charges.

The drama unfolded shortly before 1pm on Sunday when the low-level drug dealer was escorted to the Mater Hospital by three prison officers after he suffered an injury to his hand in prison.

However, it is believed he injured himself deliberately so that he could be taken to the hospital in an attempt to flee. After being dropped off in a prison van, the inmate was taken into the accident and emergency unit where "all hell broke loose".

Sources say that associates of the criminal began shouting as they approached the prisoner and the officers and "created a major scene".


The prisoner then became "abusive and threatening" as the disturbance threatened to spiral out of control.

The situation became even more serious when a black VW Golf was spotted acting suspiciously, driving up and down outside the hospital.

Back-up was requested, and colleagues of the officers drove back to the hospital in a van.

The officers managed to restrain the inmate and his associates, with gardai from nearby Mountjoy station also being made aware of the situation.

The prisoner was then put into the van and did not receive any treatment for the earlier injury he had suffered to his hand.

Sources say that there is "no doubt" this was a botched escape attempt.

"A deliberate disturbance was caused here and the suspicion is that the car was to be used to drive away the prisoner," said a source.

The inmate involved in the incident has multiple convictions for offences including drugs, assault, theft and possession of weapons.

He served his first sentence in 1999 and has been "in and out of jail" since then.