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Jailed drug mule model was headed for Ireland


A tearful Tereza Hluskova after she was sentenced

A tearful Tereza Hluskova after she was sentenced

A tearful Tereza Hluskova after she was sentenced

A Czech model has been sentenced to eight years and eight months in prison in Pakistan on charges of trafficking heroin to Ireland.

Tereza Hluskova (22) was sentenced at a court in the eastern city of Lahore, the capital of Punjab province.

According to the court, Hluskova was arrested in possession of 8.5kg of heroin in January last year at the Lahore airport, from where she was travelling to Ireland via Dubai.

Since her arrest, Hluskova has told investigators she came to Pakistan to work as a model but that someone put narcotics in her luggage.


Her lawyer Sardar Asghar Dogar said she will appeal.

Hluskova was convicted during a court appearance last week. Her sentence also includes an $800 (€700) fine.

The story first gained attention when Hluskova was captured smiling and posing for photos with Pakistani investigators after she was arrested at the airport.

She has previously said she was in Pakistan for a modelling contract and told authorities she did not know how the heroin ended up in her suitcase.

In a video released online, a Pakistani customs official is shown 'discovering' the drugs hidden in the suitcase while Hluskova looks on. She then puts her head in her hands.

Hluskova later tells the camera: "They gave me something for luggage, three statues or something. They said it was gifts. I didn't know there was something inside."

In a bizarre development last month, a man was jailed for three years and four months in the Czech Republic after threatening terror attacks in Pakistan unless Hluskova was released.

Nikolai Simeonov Ivanov (21) was found guilty of sending threats by email and text message to a television channel and news website in Pakistan.

"I did not think that anyone would take my messages seriously, especially since I included my telephone number and email address," he told his trial.