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Jail hires 'pals' for Breivik

PRISON chiefs will hire trained 'friends' to keep the confessed mass murderer Anders Breivik company, as he is too dangerous to mingle with ordinary prisoners.

"It could be anything from a team for indoor hockey to people who are willing to play chess with him," said Knut Bjarkeid, director of Ila prison, in Norway.

He said a "professional community" was necessary because the prison service was not willing to inflict years of isolation on Breivik (33) and he might try to take other inmates hostage, making contact with others "impossible".

Mr Bjarkeid said that, despite Breivik's calm demeanour in prison and in court, the authorities still saw him as a "soldier in phase three of his own war".

Breivik (above) is likely to spend at least the next 21 years at the jail, regardless of the verdict.

A medical expert told a court yesterday Breivik took an illegal cocktail of drugs to increase his physical and mental capacities before launching the attacks.