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Jail for man who punched mum in front of children

A man who beat a mother to the ground in front of her young children has been sentenced to two years in prison with the final year suspended.

Jason Nolan (21) of Gardiner Street Upper, Dublin, admitted he punched Ms Fiona Taylor three times when she threatened to call gardai about his car's involvement in an earlier hit-and-run with her vehicle.

Ms Taylor had been on her way to drop her two children at school when she recognised a passing car as one which crashed into hers two weeks previously.

Detective Garda Ciaran McGrath told Noel Devitt, prosecuting, that Ms Taylor followed the car to Rossfield Avenue, Tallaght and confronted the driver about the hit-and-run.

Nolan claimed he had just bought the car and punched Ms Taylor as she was phoning gardai.

Det Garda McGrath said Nolan then grabbed Ms Taylor's phone, smashed it and came towards her in a headbutt.


Nolan pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to assault causing harm at Rossfield Avenue on April 2, 2008. He has 20 previous convictions including two for assault.

Det Garda McGrath said Ms Taylor could only recall promising Nolan she wouldn't call the authorities, before gardai arrived on the scene and she was taken to hospital with a bleeding nose and ear.

Nolan admitted assaulting the young mother but denied he had known about the hit-and-run with her car.

He told gardai he punched her three times, before walking away and leaving her on the ground in front of her two children, who were aged nine and 10 years.

The detective garda said Nolan was fully co-operative and frank in admissions.

Judge Katherine Delahunt accepted Nolan's genuine remorse for the incident and told him he was lucky his victim hadn't suffered serious injuries from the attack.

She accepted the father-of-two has emotional problems, had family difficulties at the time of the offence and ordered that he undergo anger management treatment in custody.