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Jade's secret second chance

IF AT first you don't succeed, try again-- but don't tell anyone.

The X Factor was embroiled in a new controversy today after it was alleged that the judges had actually overlooked Jade Richards' original performance.

The Scottish singer captured the hearts of TV viewers on Saturday when she brought the house down in Glasgow with her rendition of Adele's Someone Like You -- but that was not the song that she had chosen to perform.

The overnight sensation wowed Louis and his X Factor judges with her show-stopping voice, but only after Louis had requested she ditch her jazzy song choice and belt out the Adele track instead.

However, viewers of the hit show never got to see the first performance, during which she reportedly fluffed her lines.

"I did an Etta James track called All I Could Do Is Cry, and it was Louis who asked me if I would sing the Adele song," the singer said.


"Originally I said I didn't want to sing it because everyone else had been singing it, but he asked me, so I couldn't say no."

Thanks to 21-year-old Jade's stunning second performance, she won herself a spot at Bootcamp, and a standing ovation from the X Factor audience.

She even brought a tear to the eye of Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland, who claimed she had dreamt about Adele's tune that day and that Jade was meant to sing it to her.

An insider has said that the producers' decision to edit out Jade's first song from the show probably made for better TV viewing.

However, Jade has hit all the right notes with Westlife manager Louis.

"I've been doing this show for eight years and this is what it's all about -- finding someone who deserves a break.

"You have a God-given talent and you just make the whole show worthwhile, I'm so glad we came here."

Meanwhile, Take That star Gary Barlow has declared that Jade's song would be life-changing for her.

"I was gob-smacked and overwhelmed with what Gary said. It was absolutely amazing."