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Jack and Emily most popular names for babies


Jack Reynor

Jack Reynor

Jack Reynor

Jack and Emily remained the most popular baby names in Ireland last year.

According to figures released by the Central Statistics Office, 786 Jacks and 619 Emilys were born last year.

Both names have been favourites with parents over the past seven years. Jack has been the number one choice for boys since 2007, while Emily has retained its leading position since 2011.


Other popular boys' names are James, Daniel, Conor and Sean in various orders over the years while Sophie, Emma, Grace and Ava completed the list of top five girls' names.

There were 67,642 births registered last year, 34,785 male and 32,677 female. Mothers had an average age of 32.4 years.

The overall birth figure was down 0.4pc on the 68,930 births registered in 2013.

There were also 249 infant deaths registered, giving an infant mortality rate of 3.7 per 1,000 live births.

The number of births stood at more than twice the 29,095 registered deaths, giving an increase in population of 38,367.