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Ivor's 'infamy, infamy, they've all got it infamy'

Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me. Ivor Callely has resorted to the age-old tactic deployed by a politician in hot water, which is to blame all his woes on a supposed media witch hunt. The sad reality is that Ivor has proved to be his own worst enemy -- and by resorting to a legal challenge in the High Court, he is only making himself look even worse in the court of public opinion.

Like any other citizen, Callely is entitled to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

As a public representative, however, he has a duty to respond when confronted by serious allegations of criminal forgery and fraud.


Instead, the controversial senator has completely failed to provide convincing explanations for the bizarre anomalies in his travel and phone expenses claims -- leading to his temporary suspension from the Seanad and his permanent expulsion from Fianna Fail. The Herald, like any respectable newspaper, has a responsibility to inform its readers about issues that are of clear public interest.

Callely's expenses and his consistent failure to explain them fall squarely into that category. His specific complaint about a parking-related headline is not just frivolous and without foundation -- it also appears to be part of a deeply misguided strategy to portray himself as some sort of victim.

Eamon Dunphy's old club, Millwall FC, have a famous supporters' chant that goes: "Nobody likes us, we don't care." Ivor Callely should consider adopting it as his personal motto.

It would certainly be better than whingeing about his treatment in the press -- because given the nature of the claims that have been made against him, this may turn out to be the least of his worries.