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I've turned over a new leaf after losing Richard

I've had a really busy week promoting the book.

Spark is partly auto- biographical, but it's not just a book about a woman who lost her husband - it's definitely inspired by something terrible that happened - but it's about how I changed following the loss of my husband Richard.

I wanted to show that I'm not different to anyone else as very few of us get to go through their lives without an unexpected bereavement.


When I first started speaking about my grief, lots of people would stop me in the street and tell me that I could have been speaking for them and that they understood what I was going through.

But I wanted to finish the story about how I became re-energised and working at a top level again.

I wrote the book because I wanted to understand why I was feeling so lethargic and lacking in motivation and I wanted to know how I could create some new energy?

So I started taking risks and taking on projects that I never thought I could do but your brain likes all those things and it helps to give you more energy.


I just want to show people that you can re-imagine yourself at any stage of your life.

The average life expectancy in Ireland is 81 and you don't have to follow the same path that your parents followed.

You can do anything you want to at any age and one of the best things to do is to stop denying the fact that you're getting older - that will do more than any anti-ageing creams, I guarantee it.

So I think the book is part university of life, part advice and there's a lot of science in there too.