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I've tested their claim (3 times) that by driving at 30kph you won't hit a red light - it's nonsense!

THE ridiculous claim that if you drive under 30kph an hour through Dublin city centre you won't hit a red light is utter nonsense. And I've proved it...three times.

Sticking to the new speed limit driving up the Quays proved much harder than I expected . In fact it left me utterly perplexed.

It was gridlock but I still found it incredibly difficult not to break the law.

Foremost in mind was City Councillor Andrew Montague (Lab) whose madcap idea the speed limit is.

Andy boy, I certainly won't be voting for you - unless you reverse your crazy plan.

First of all, you said if I kept to 30km I wouldn't hit a single red light. WRONG!

Despite three attempts, it failed every single time. Cllr Montague, you're talking complete rubbish. Be a man and admit it!

My first try started well. Some green lights saw me sail through the junctions after Tara Street. But behind me I was causing road rage among other drivers, most of them overtook me at speed. One even tried to intimidate me by continuously flashing his lights.

Then as the slowest driver on the Quays, a large gap developed with the car in front, something I distinctly recall being ticked off for as a learner driver -- I think it's referred to as 'failure to progress'.

The gap also made more pedestrians risk jaywalking in front of me...increasing the danger for everyone.

Andy (you wally) came to mind again.

Once traffic grew it was slow moving and red lights galore.


Attempt 2 to get a clean streak of green lights was even worse.

My eyes were glued the speedometer rather than the road and every single light I hit was red.

Heading up the North Quays on Attempt 3 again only some lights were green. While the road was clear, it actually made maintaining the limit even tougher It's basically like driving in traffic even when there is none.

And it seems I wasn't the only one struggling -- a garda car cruised past me at a speed closer to 30mph.