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I've piled on 9LBS since I started work on the Late Lunch - Lucy


Lucy Kennedy. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Lucy Kennedy. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Lucy Kennedy. Photo: Brian McEvoy

IT'S almost a year since presenter Lucy Kennedy jumped ship from RTE to TV3, and while she has settled in quickly to her dream job on Late Lunch Live, she admits there has been one downside.

Being surrounded by the tempting offerings from the show's guest chefs has been testing the 38-year old's resolve.

"We started this last September and I've put on nine pounds. I'm stepping away from the carbs - they're just not my friend," she joked.

The former 2fm presenter spent eight years with RTE but said she was not troubled moving to another broadcaster, finding her feet on the job quickly with on-screen partner Martin King.

"That was always so important to me, especially with a duo. We've all seen it happen on the telly when two presenters can't stand one another but they're still smiling," she said.

Despite the pair never having worked together before, Lucy said that once she learned it would be weatherman King co-hosting she wanted the job all the more.

"I met him on the Podge and Rodge Show years ago and I thought he was such a nice, genuine, friendly guy," she said.

"We both have the same values and we both have the exact same sense of humour."

Speaking to Woman's Way, Lucy said it was key that her new job did not clash with her family life and being a mum to Holly (2) and Jack (4).

Happily this hasn't been the case, and Lucy has a couple of exciting projects that should be airing on our screens in the New Year.

The Dun Laoghaire-based star who married long-term partner Ritchie Governey in 2008 said that becoming a mother has given her a new insight into her audience.

One of her upcoming ventures will see her play Cupid in a new dating show for TV3 with the working title Fact or Fancy which aims to find candidates their ideal match over the person they think they should be with.