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I've no time to see the sights: there's rapping to be done

APPARENTLY Gdansk is full of beautiful tourist sites, but I've been too busy rapping with Kevin Kilbane and partying at Snow Patrol: it has been a bizarre few days.

THE sunshine eventually peered around the clouds yesterday and boy did the milky Irish legs come out. The beaches were thronged with fans sporting all sorts of tricolour shorts and farmer tans.

A group of us went out for our first proper meal on Tuesday night at a seafood restaurant in Gdansk. Delicious.

Afterwards we moved for "a quiet night" to a pub on the river where the tranquillity was quickly shattered by the locals challenging us to sing with them.

In true Irish fashion we responded by singing our usual chants before Hull City's Kevin Kilbane showed up to raise the bar.

He brought the roof down with a Vanilla Ice rap that has now gone viral on YouTube with 35,000 views, but I was lucky enough to be among the 20 or so who saw it live. Maybe football isn't his true talent after all.

Last night Snow Patrol brought the house down in Gdansk with a performance in what can only be described as a barnyard.

To be honest, the band need not really have been on stage. Every time they stopped for breath, the crowds just broke into their own new tune: "You're never going to believe, you're never going to believe us, we're going to top the group."