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I've no idea what to do with my €5m, says Carol

THE woman who shares a €10m lotto windfall with her partner of three weeks said she has no idea of what to do with her half of the jackpot.

Carol Loran (39) and her new partner Kevin Geoghegan (46) were today due to collect their winnings from the National Lottery HQ.

Speaking today, Ms Loran from Mullingar, said she spent the Bank Holiday weekend relaxing at home.

Her only purchase so far has been a dress but she didn't reveal the price.

"I've been at home all weekend relaxing. My phone has been very quiet I'm delighted to say. A few friends called in all right. It still hasn't sunk in," she said.

The mum of five said she had only known her partner Kevin, who is a dad of three, for two or three weeks and didn't regularly do the Lotto.

But she admitted she's very happy to share €10.5m with her partner, adding: "He paid €2 towards the €4 Quick Pick.

"I met up with my boyfriend on Monday and we were having coffee. He handed me €2 and said: 'Look, from now on, we'll do a €4 Quick Pick every week'.

"I'm fairly lucky and he said, 'I'm lucky'. So I said right fair enough.

"I was in Tesco on Tuesday evening and I was just about to leave and I thought I better get this Lotto Quick Pick done."

The numbers were drawn on Wednesday but Ms Loran, who works in Boylesports, found out on Thursday.

She recalled: "I asked one of the girls working with me to check the ticket because I didn't believe what I was seeing.

"The two of us were in complete shock but I just went back to work."