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I've made some great friends from modelling


Thalia Heffernan

Thalia Heffernan

Thalia Heffernan

Since I've been back with the Andrea Roche Modelling Agency, it's been all go.

I love modelling in Ireland, it's great getting to work with your friends. I'm very close to a lot of the girls.

Thalia Heffernan (left) is one of my closest model friends, she's so much fun. We filmed a video for Yes Equality recently and it was a great experience. It's also such a good cause and it's one that I'm really passionate about.

It's so nice to have a close friend in the industry. We have so much to talk about.

Sometimes your other friends might not always understand what it's like, so it's good to be so close to someone who does the same job as you.

Working in modelling in general can be a bit bitchy, but I find that the scene in Ireland is niche and you just have to be friendly.

Dublin is so small that everyone has to be careful about what they say and you nearly always know who you're going to be working with everyday.

In the UK, models don't really hang out as much.

It's definitely a bit more tense when you're working in the UK.

It's a completley different environment to Ireland, where people don't take themselves as seriously.

Although there's still a lot of pressure, I think it's easier to enjoy your job over here.