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'I've had enough babies, it's just too tough' - Una

Pop princess Una Healy has said while she and husband Ben Foden are stronger than ever, she has ruled out having any more babies with the rugby hunk.

Mum to Aoife Belle (four) and Tadhg (18 months), the 34 year-old star has said two is the perfect number for them.

"I'm done now. I really don't want any more. If I see a baby I'm like, 'No definitely not,'" she said.

"It's tough and really hard work. I'm just so happy with two. I don't want to say if another one came along that it would be an accident. It would obviously be a blessing.

"If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. But if I could plan it right now, then no more babies."

The Tipperary native set tongues wagging last March after changing her surname from Foden back to her maiden name of Healy.


 But she said that she gave her other half the heads-up about her decision to revert to 'Healy' and that he "found the speculation funny".

"I still use Foden for when I'm at home and personal things," she said.

"I'm definitely not the first person to use my maiden name for career reasons, and it feels right."

The former Voice of Ireland mentor also opened up about her relationship with Ben and how they work hard to keep their marriage "fresh", having been together since 2008.

They recently celebrated their four-year anniversary with a trip to Sardinia without the kids, with Una saying it's essential to have quality time as a couple to keep the spark alive.

"You need that romance. We had lie-ins together and enjoyed each other's company and the silence," she said.

"It's good to not forget that you're a young couple and not just parents. You need to look after that side of the relationship. We love doing family things together, but we're finding time for each other a bit more.

"We've started to fit in things like going to the cinema and out for dinner together. It's really romantic."

She said that they're still "best friends" after all these years together.