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It's warming up but forget about June heatwave

THE weather this week will be slightly warmer with less rain but it will be a long way from a scorcher.

"It's not set to be a good week, but it also won't be as bad as previous weeks of late," Met Eireann forecaster John Eagleton told the Herald.

"It will be warmer and there will be less rain, but it won't be anything to write home about."

Despite patches of sunshine predicted for the next few days, Thursday is set to be wet and miserable.

"The worst day this week looks to be Thursday, with a lot of rain predicted.

"It'll also rain tonight, but it won't be as wet as it will be Thursday.

"Tomorrow will be a nice day though, and it will be warmer than it has been."

The disappointing weather is set to continue on to the weekend, with "no reason to be optimistic". "The weekend is going to be much more showery and cooler, in particular on Friday and Saturday.

"It will be far less humid than the weather we will experience during the week."


Although it is too early for Met Eireann to say, John fears that hopes for a sunny July, following a poor June, look set to be deflated.

"We can't really say yet, but the weather just hasn't been settling so it doesn't look good. It has become less wet though."

Hay fever sufferers should have their medication on hand this week as a result of the humid forecast.

"Anyone with hay fever should stay out of the meadows this week."

"It'll be a challenging few days and looks to be very humid", John said.