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It’s war on boy racers

BOY racers now face €1,000 fines if they are caught driving cars with blacked-out windows and noisy exhausts above legal limits.

Gardai are bringing in two new pieces of equipment to test souped-up cars at roadside checks in their crackdown.

If the cars fail to comply with safety rules introduced last year, the owners face fines of up to €1,000 and/or a prison sentence if they refuse to fix the problem.

Excessively tinted windscreens pose a serious safety risk because motorists cannot see in poor light or while driving at night, while loud exhausts are associated with boy racers and are the cause of many complaints.


Yesterday gardai unveiled the new light monitors and noise level meters.

"There's evidence that silencers are being modified and levels above 99 decibels can result in prosecution," said Assistant Commissioner John Twomey. "Excessive tinting is a safety issue and the driver can be told to park it up for the night," he said. The windows would have to be changed for the driver to continue driving.

The crackdown comes as new figures show the number killed on the roads has risen by almost 40pc this year -- 45 people have been killed so far this year, up 12 on the same period in 2010.