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It's snow joke as child's play makes Luas journey hell

IT sounds so outrageous that to anyone who wasn't there it might seem funny, but a snowman on the Luas Green line caused serious stress for passengers such as me last night.

I could never have imagined scenes like those I witnessed on the south Dublin tracks yesterday.

Hundreds of children, parents, elderly people, laden-down Christmas shoppers and exhausted workers were forced to trudge miles through the snow after the Luas broke down, leaving most of them with no option but to continue following the route home without the tram.

I overheard one man on his phone say: "It's like Armageddon out here.

"I've never seen anything like it."

Others speculated that some stations were still operating so it might be dangerous to follow the tracks.

It dawned on me very quickly that I wouldn't be able to travel my two stops to Windy Arbour, from which I usually enjoy a 30-minute walk home.

I instinctively realised it wasn't worth waiting around and slowly began to make my way towards Clonskeagh.

On any normal day, I would not complain but walking the few miles was an absolute nightmare in the blizzard conditions.

To make matters worse, during my two hour snow trek I was regularly subjected to snowball attacks by bored children.

One father had no problem that his offspring were pelting anyone who passed with hard packed balls of ice, along with some shockingly colourful insults.