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It's Ryanair vs fire hunks in calendar wars

RYANAIR's raunchy charity calendar is set to be released again at the end of this year -- despite attracting massive controversy last year.

Despite protests from women advocacy groups across Europe the airline is determined to line up female cabin crew members to strip for the calendar.

Ryanair insists that women will be posing for the 2011 issue and is now embarking on a Europe-wide search for its sexiest female crew.

A spokesperson for the airline admitted that the calendar provoked "criticism" last year, but it ran a recent poll which brought female staff as the popular choice.

He said: "Overwhelmingly people still want female cabin crews.


"We wanted sexy passengers to be in it but they said no they wanted cabin crew again. 50,000 passengers voted and said they wanted it to be female.

"We've come in for some criticism in the past from some women's groups so we decided to let passengers to tell us what they want."

The calendar will now be in direct competition to the Irish Fire Brigade's offering which was named the most popular calendar in the world in 2008, selling 20,000 copies.

A spokesperson for the fire fighters' calendar told the Herald ten hunky fire men are already pumping iron in the gym to please female fans.

"We have ten and we're short of two bodies at the moment. They're fine fellows, and they were chosen because they work out and they look good. Everyone likes to see firemen with their tops off."

Preparations for the calendar are already in full swing, and the handsome fire men aim to have their charity calendar launched in October.

"They're all on diets, the cabbage soup diets and they're pumping iron and working out."

"We'll be doing it [the launch] in the Dandelion club again, and the lads will come out and sign a few copies for people. So it's a huge commitment for fellows to do it because they've to take time out of their Christmas time to do it."

Meanwhile, Ryanair says there are no guarantees that an Irish girl will make the cut this year, and their spokesperson added that less Irish girls apply to take part than other nationalities.

Both calendars will be released on time for the Christmas market, and the fit fire fighters will be out on the streets of Dublin selling the calendars to carry on their long-standing tradition.

"It's for people's grannies; it is raunchy but it's a bit of fun as well. The lads are going to be from Cork, Galway, Drogheda, Ashbourne and whoever else we get."