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It's really flattering that my clothes get attention

There is always a lot of interest about what I wear on The Voice and I have to say it's really flattering, but my stylist Ingrid Hoey is incredible.

She is great at coming up with new ideas and it's nice if my looks inspire what people buy or what clothes they go for.

I think it's really important to wear things that are affordable and to promote Irish designers where we can.

This weekend, I'm wearing Irish designer Umit Kuluk and he's just incredible, so I'm really excited about that.

I think it's important to support Irish designers, particularly start-ups, because since starting my own business I understand what's involved and it's tough going.

I feel confident in my business because I feel we have such a good team at Pure Fitness and that's half the battle.

The Great Outdoors have come on as my sponsor as well so they've been kitting me out with all the gear I'll need for the next month or so.

Once the six weeks are over, I'll be taking a week or 10 days off to myself and then work out what I'm up to at RTE for the summer.