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It's Pimm's and pork pies at our Bray royal knees-up

WILL and Kate masks, pork pies and Pimm's -- anyone would think that this royal wedding party was taking place in London near the prestigious ceremony.

However, the 20 guests who showed up this morning wearing tiaras to celebrate the nuptials of the decade are all Irish and they're meeting in Bray.


Host for the day Janice Comish made sure to receive her friends in style for the unique occasion, even flying over to the UK to buy appropriate bunting and all sorts of Will and Kate memorabilia for spot prizes.

"We started organising the party as soon as they announced that they were getting married," Janice (44) told the Herald.

"We're not royalists but it's a lovely occasion to celebrate -- everyone remembers where they were for the last royal wedding so this will be the same.

"Although I think it's still going to be mostly women watching the ceremony, the men have an escape route planned."

Despite being the only British person present, her husband Peter (50) has no intention of seeing Kate Middleton walk down the aisle so he won't be in the house for most of the day.

Janice's attention to detail has been a big hit with friends in the past -- she once built a 6ft rocket for a space-themed birthday party -- and so none refused her invitation today and she's been cooking for the past 24 hours.

"My mum Helen (71) helped me decide on a British menu -- we've gone for scones, egg and watercress sandwiches, pork pies and Pimm's.... Not the lightest of meals especially at that time of the day."

One of the guests is Janice's sister, Ciara (39) who flew from London yesterday so she could attend the British inspired party.

"Ciara's colleagues thought she had planned a holiday to avoid the madness of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding, but that's all we'll be talking about all weekend," the Dell worker laughed.