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It's official - the Green Army are the best fans in Europe

IRISH football fans really are the best - and that's backed by a review of supporters across Europe.

Our fans are the most committed in Europe despite believing that the squad won't go far in the Euro 2012 Championships.

The survey says Spanish and German supporters are the most optimistic for this year's tournament in Poland and Ukraine, possibly thanks to their previous success at Euro 2008 when they clashed in the final.

Their commitment levels are quite low, however, placing them firmly in the "glory hunter" category according to data collected by Sharp Electronics.

In comparison, the Green Army is made up of archetypal "seasoned supporters" who will encourage their squad regardless of its results and 99pc said that their squad could be described as having "team spirit".

Our level of commitment is ahead of all the countries taking part in this year's Euro 2012, and twice as high as that of French supporters.

Irish fans were among the least confident - they came third last ahead of only the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Croatian followers had similar results - high commitment, low confidence - which should make for an interesting match on June 10 in Poznan.

Irish fans are also prepared to make all sorts of promises to see Ireland win this year.

They were the most likely to make sacrifices to see their squad win, as opposed to France and Germany.

More than 40pc of Irish fans insisted they would give up their smartphone forever to see their team win, while one in three Irish respondents were prepared to stop using the internet for a month.

Just over one in four would even do all the household chores for a week to see Ireland beat all the other squads.