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It's nice that you're bouncing back Sean ... but can we have our money now?

"I'm not worried. I won't go hungry."

Well that's all right then, Sean. It's one less off the breadline.

But the upwards of €2bn that you owe could help a lot more people facing circumstances a lot more serious than yours.

That's what Sean Quinn owes the State-owned former Anglo Irish Bank -- ie, you and me.


It's a debt that was run up by Quinn's reckless, greedy gambling.

The bankrupt businessman has now emerged with a blindingly obvious mea culpa -- "it was me that done it". But if you're expecting a contrite apology, don't hold your breath.

His gambling may have landed the taxpayer with a crippling debt, but Sean is 'bouncing back' it seems.

He reckons he'll stay in his palatial family home and even help his family "set up" new ventures. (Mind you, if I were them I'd demand a second opinion.)

So the future, if not rosy, is looking brighter for Sean. That's great.

Now, any chance we could have our money?